Glenn Krake

Glenn Krake, CJE, advises student media publications at West Linn High School. His love of journalism began in high school where he was editor-in-chief of his high school newspaper as well as his university paper in his junior and senior years. He anchored his high school’s live video coverage of student elections and in college, had his own radio show on the campus station.
When he began his teaching career, he discovered yearbook, and now gauges how many years he’s been teaching relative to the number of yearbooks he has advised (12).
Named Oregon’s 2018 Journalism Teacher of the Year by OJEA, he advises the Green & Gold Yearbook staff at West Linn High School where the staff has earned numerous regional and national awards.
He also advises the newspaper, online, literary magazine and broadcast journalism classes as well as an after school video production program.
When he’s not bragging about his awesome student journalists and their achievements, Krake can be found leading tangential classroom discussions about how the album “Pet Sounds” is better than anything the Beatles created or about how the Dodgers are America’s team. Follow his journalism-related tweets @gkrake.