Advanced Media Advising

So you’ve been doing this for awhile. We get that. This workshop isn’t about the basics. 

We’ll go through the biggies: recruitment, building community and fostering leadership, managing all the balls in the air, the impossibility of grading… all of that. We’ll talk about what’s out there, best practices, and use some of our time to rethink the things we’ve been doing the same way for a long time but maybe don’t particularly love.


We’ll look beyond. What’s new and next? Let’s experiment with the fact-checking process professionals are using every day so we can design ways to introduce those practices to our students. We will explore the latest in digital tools for online creation. We’ll try out new forms of storytelling. We’ll plan ways to integrate more media literacy skills. And we’ll talk about navigating murky ethical situations and building reader trust.

There will be a lot of sharing, a little bit of venting, tons of new resources, and the time away from the daily grind to rethink, plan, and prep for your best advising year yet.